Imagine Life Counseling provides individual therapy to adults seeking inner growth, balance in life, and/or recovery from Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma. Imagine Life can help you experience and respond to life authentically and skillfully. Counseling at Imagine Life is Humanistic (i.e. “You-First”) in approach to help you incorporate your own unique values and strengths. This personalized approach will help you develop self awareness, maintain compassion in work and life, and find solutions to life’s challenges, joys, and surprises.

Imagine Life Consultation provides licensing supervision for CSWAs and LPC-i and consultation services for all clinical levels. Supervision and Consultation at Imagine Life is multi-dimensional in approach. Supervision and consultation can focus on clinical philosophy, intervention types, clinical self awareness, or professional identity.

Deah Partak, LCSW, CADCII, ACS started Imagine Life Counseling and Consultation in 2016.  Her realistic perspective on life and her trust in the strength of all people is at the core of her counseling and consultation services.