My name is Deah (pronounced Dee-Ah) my pronouns are she, her, and hers.

As long as I can remember, I have always respected the power of stories.  Not just literature, but the real stories about our lives.  We share our experiences, hear about our ancestors, and define who we are in this world through stories.  Everyone’s story is important.  Everyone has the right to author their own story and live their authentic life. Often our lives do not feel like our own because of difficult turns and twists.  My goal is to help you develop the confidence to take-on the positives, negatives, and neutrals of your life story.  I find value in re-discovering resiliency and strength that is developed throughout life.  I firmly believe we all  have the power and strength to tackle life's stressors, joys, and tragedies.  Gaining awareness of our values and strength helps us cope, thrive, and skillfully live life.   I have had the privilege of being witness to the resiliency of many people with many struggles and many successes.  This privilege formed and carries my belief in the true strength of every person.