Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on the ways thoughts impact behavior.   It is an active style of therapy where thoughts, mood, and behaviors are examined in detail.

Thoughts impact worldview, mood / stress levels, and how we response to the world around us.

Through a deliberate examination of your thoughts and attitudes, you can begin to take notice of trends that are impacting your life and sense of who you are in the world. Through cognitive strategies you can develop ways to align your thinking and behaviors with your goals.

In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you may engage in written thought-recording, track and rank moods, and challenge your automatic thinking patterns.  You will also have the opportunity to try out strategies in and outside of session.

Awareness of the impact thoughts have on your behaviors can help you to make realistic changes to gain more control over your mood and emotions.

Further Reading on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
- Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Basics and Beyond By Judith S. Beck and Aaron T. Beck