Imagine Life Counseling offers 50 minutes therapy sessions to adults in a comfortable, safe, and confidential manner.

What to Expect When Starting Therapy:

  • First step is an initial free phone consultation to help determine if we are a good fit. In this call we will briefly discuss your reasons for seeking counseling and you will have the opportunity to ask me questions.

  • A first appointment will be scheduled and you will receive intake paperwork to complete prior to that appointment.

  • At the first appointment, you will have the opportunity to talk in detail about your current situation, history, and get to know me as a therapist. We will also develop goals and make plans for how therapy can help you with your goals.

    Things to Consider When Choosing a Therapist:

  • Specialty: Are there specific areas you wish to work on that I may have experience and competencies in? Check out my specialties. If something not listed call and consult; I still might be able to help as this is not an exhaustive list.

  • Rapport and Relationship: The relationship is one of the most important factors in therapy. You want to be comfortable with the therapist you are working with. This is the person that is there to support, guide, encourage growth, and witness your pain and joys. Think about what is important to you…humor…compassion…solution-focused…

  • Interventions and Style: Is there a specific type of therapy or style of therapy you are looking for? Or are you not sure? Check out my therapy pages.

  • Remember…You can always change your mind: Because finding the right therapist is important. If after a few sessions we determine I am not the right therapist for you I am able to provide referral options.