Here are a few tips to help maximize supervision! Regardless of how frequently you engage in supervision it is a good idea to make the most out of each session.

  • Have a Goal: How do you want to develop as a professional?  What are the specific skills you want to  enhance?  In what ways do you want to change as a result of supervision? 
  • Come Prepared: Bring in a set agenda with specific cases or topics for discussion. It is your time; being organized will help guide your development.
  • Keep a journal: Keeping a journal of reflections before and after supervision allows for further idea development.  Many supervisors require this and can offer guidance. 
  • Follow-up in and outside of supervision: If you tried something new, talk about in supervision.  If you talked about a new skill, try it out in practice.  Reviewing and reflecting on clinical skills can be key in growth and development. 
  • Be open,honest, and thoughtful: Supervisors are there to help you develop and provide effective care. The more open we are the more opportunity there is for growth.