What is Tele-therapy?

  • Tele-therapy (also known as video-conferencing-therapy, telemental health, web counseling, and video-therapy) is an effective form of mental health treatment. 

  • Tele-therapy can help reduce many of the barriers often associated with traditional face-to-face counseling.  

Why choose Tele-therapy?

  • Eliminating travel time allows for you to easily fit counseling into your life.

  • Tele-therapy can occur anywhere you have privacy and solid internet access.

  • You can have a session at home before work, on lunch break, after kids go to bed, while out of town, early in the morning, etc.

  • Engage in services in own home has potential for increase sense of comfort and ease

  • Tele-therapy is easier to access if there are limited local counseling options

  • Many insurance companies cover tele-therapy the same as face to face mental health care

Things to consider before choosing Tele-therapy

  • Internet requirements: It is important to ensure you have a stable broadband connection.

  • Therapy Platform: My practice utilizes Simple Practice Telehealth, which can be used on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The platform is Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox browser friendly and confidential with HIPAA-compliance.

  • Mental Health Need: Tele-therapy is not right for everyone and every area of need. Immediate mental health crisis, issues of chronic and acute thoughts of suicide, and substance abuse would be better supported through face-to-face services.

  • Service Area: I am a licensed Social Worker in the State of Oregon. Therefore, I can only provide services to individuals currently in Oregon.